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    hi ,. so I lost my son sept 16tg on his grandmother Birthday, I cant even pathom. it he was 24 yrs old opioid death. he wasn't even home tho he lived in in out the house.. father mother n grandmother.. I cant even go back to work .. he was gay and I finally accepted him in hs.. accepted everything n everyone in his life.. we fought like cats n dogs.. I wanted the best for him.. just to get one more chance to see him n hug him n love him... I ll never be the same love u boo kitty.. mom bx, ny
    . my condolences to all.. help
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    Mybeautyki, I'm sorry you have all this pain and suffering. A mother-son's bond is never broken. May the memories of all your cherished moments with him give you comfort and strength at this time. I pray for peace and tranquility to wash over you quickly. Take good care of yourself.
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    Hi, Im new here. I lost 2 sons in 8 months. My first loss was Travis 40y/o to accidental overdose of fentynal. I found him and it traumatized me. Then my oldest son Jason came down with COVID 4 mo. later.He was 43 y/o. Jason fought for 4 months and his lungs were to badly damaged he died in January. My dausghter is my only kid left besides 4 grandkids from my sons. I was always so thankful my family never had to experience trauma. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut because I got a double wammy. My family is so broken. My husband is doing better than the rest of us so he has been great strenght and support. The deep pain wnen I have a memory gets over whelming. I love the memories but it hurts because I miss them so much. If it weent for God and the strenght he has been giving me I know I would be much worse. I thank him for being in my life. I struggle to find my new path in life. My motvation and desire areat 25%. I force my self to do something everyday but somedays I just dont care. I miss work but I just couldnt focus and that wasnt fair to my patients or co workers. Sometimes when I read others comments on their loss it gets depressing. I see people suffering 5 years or more with the same degree of grief I am feeling and it scares me. I want to smile when I think of my boys not cry. Just want a magic wand to have my family ok.. Thanks for letting me vent. Prayers for all of us
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    I am so sorry about your loss. My brother lost his only son to cancer. It is hard and I can't find a way to comfort him. He misses him so much, so do I. There is no way to justify untimely death. My prayers for you and your family.