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  1. Marissa0122

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    I have lost three family members since january. All of them have been sudden and I am having an extremely hard time coping or trying to talk to anyone other than my boyfriend. But, my boyfriend is not great at comforting me and I think he is over me not being happy and doesn’t know how to handle me. I feel so alone and feel like no one knows what I’m going through regardless of my family all going through it.
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  2. Swagatika

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    I have lost my father two years back and my sister 28, last month. I don't know how to deal with this situation. Even I am thinking talking to my boyfriend is not helping. I argue with him for no logical reason. It's feel like am trying to convert my grief in to anger.
  3. CathyLynn

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    Loss is hard. I loss my mother in November of 21 and then my husband in June of 22. You are welcomed here there are many that are here that are kind and willing to listen. Tell us you stories and about your love ones.
  4. kelso

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    i lost my last best friend last may terry and i lost out car zalman same month and now my wife has passed. i am a MESS. need someone.
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  5. Derryfo19

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    I lost my mom 7/29/20, and the love of my life on 10/22/22. I am also grieving the life we created as everything was in his name, as he had better credit. He died suddenly and without a will as he was only 51. His mother inherited the entire life we created, and told me that I am not entitled to any of my life. The house, the cars, our boat...it's all gone. I am just so sad and empty.
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  6. kelso

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    hi derry. i am soooo shocked and sorry for your loss.terry passed this jan after 44 years of marriage. i am so messed up. lets chat ok ?
  7. kelso

    kelso Well-Known Member

    i am here for you. i mean it
  8. kelso

    kelso Well-Known Member

    go to my thread so alone we /others are here 4 you.
  9. kelso

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    marrisa we/i are here.lets chat
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  11. kelso

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    come on back on her to chat
  12. kelso

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    i lost my wife jan 15 tthis year. i know what ur going thru. reply i am here
  13. kelso

    kelso Well-Known Member

    its aug chat with me . i am alone with no one.
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  14. CCook

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    I lost 5 family members in a 4 year time period. It was horrible. When year five came along I was just holding my breath for the next death. I thought I was numb to death because of this. I was very very wrong. My mom passed last week and I’m not handling it well at all. I just want you to know you’re not alone is losing a lot of people at once. I don’t know that time necessarily heals you either. It’s more that you just get used to this new world without those people in it.
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  15. kelso

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    hi cc. sorry to hear that , i am all alone
  16. BobGrief2023

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    Just be yourself, take your time to healing yourself. If you boyfriend do not like you being unhappy, just let him know you cannot be happy like you used to be.
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  17. Chris M 2000

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    Someone else or we ourselves cannot just 'make ourselves happy'. We have suffered a great loss and should not be expected to be happy during the time of grief.
    Your boyfriend cannot understand what is going on inside you because he is not the one who suffered the loss. Unless he has been through a grieving period, it is not just that he doesn't want to understand, but that he Can't understand. Look to someone else or somewhere else where you can share your grief and where it will be accepted.
    This is a good place to do that. Share your feelings here as you feel led. Don't try to bear the burden alone.
  18. Grace 103

    Grace 103 New Member

    I pray that God will comfort you with His Spirit. I think you need a trained counselor to help you.
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  19. kelso

    kelso Well-Known Member

    on today my wife passed away jan 15 of this year. last year at this time she was in the hospital. its new years eve. i have no memories good about this year, she passed at 4.30 and EVERY day i am home looking at her pictues cryin. i am somewhat better than before but i feel frightened of the future alone.
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  20. Grace 103

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    Maybe I was praying for you and feeling your grief too. I had much trauma this year concerning fallout from father's death. I think we should pray that Holy Spirit Comforter give us help. Pray God give you a new wife when it is time.
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