Missing My Mom

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Wassy, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. Wassy

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    I lost my mom on 8th of January and my life has not been thesame since then, I feel helpless, in shock, sad and I can't stop thinking about how much pain she must have been in. I keep ruminating about what what I should've and could've done to save her, I miss my mom and the world sucks, I have a younger brother.
    Ever since dad died 18 years ago it's just been the 3 of us, I'd use to say that we're the three musketeers and I used to feel like it's us against the world. But now mom isn't here anymore. She's a good person, she loves us dearly, and she did everything to make us happy. We are best friends and I don't know how to get through this, it's just so unbearable.
  2. LostlovelyOpal

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    It truly is a loss like no other. You must be feeling lonely and I also lost my mom last month.
  3. Wassy

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    I'm so sorry about your loss, it is a very lonely journey, even when I'm in the midst of people I still feel lonely
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    I completely understand. I just lost my mom a few weeks ago. She was my everything. I have my dad and younger brother still but it doesn't fill the huge hole left in my heart from the loss of her. Even with people around its hard not to still feel lonely because no one will ever love and care for me like mom did. I'll keep praying for your peace and strength.
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    I lost my mom at the age of 23, lost dad 5 yrs. ago, lost baby brother 6 yrs ago and lost my husband two months ago. I know your pain. You have to focus on things in your life and take one day at a time. The key is to remember that God is in control of your life.
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    My mom died 2 months ago. We were best friends too. I can’t believe how much it hurts. It’s hard to put into words. I think about her constantly. You are right, it is unbearable