Missing Him

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    Why? That single word runs through my head so many times a day. Why did this happen? Why didn’t we have more time? A mixture of drugs took my son’s father away back in February. We hadn’t been together for a long time. However my love for him was a strong as it always had been. Dealing with loosing him is one of the hardest things I have ever done. He was my best friend. He knew me better than anyone else in the world. I miss our conversations and just hearing his laugh. However as much as I miss him, it’s even harder watching my son miss him. He is old enough to know his dad didn’t always make the best choices but not old enough to completely understand. We both have our good and bad days. Him and my other 2 girls help me get through a lot, they are my strength, and they don’t even know it. I try so hard to be there for my son as best as possible, but I also know there are no perfect words. He just wants his dad and I would give anything to be able to give him that. Our world has been turned upside down and I’m trying so hard to put it back together. I don’t wish this pain on anyone. For all of you that are grieving I’m so sorry for your loss. They truly take a piece of you when they leave this world.
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    My husband died in June from an accident possibly caused by alcohol. I too have 3 children (10, 12 & 14.) He died the day after our daughter turned 14. I try to live for my kids but it’s horrible. It literally is a daily nightmare that I/we are forced to live through. We all handle grief on our own way......I just try not to sink.

    Everyone just tries to do their best to get through another day.