Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by tgotyall, Dec 22, 2021.

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    I do like to use the like button because I don't always know what to say... But I am here.
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    I think a bunch of the fog in the area got inside my head today. I am not my jolly self either George . It must be the stress from the holidays. I’m glad you got a break from the D today. The weather sucks here but it’s better than shoveling snow. I’m lost for words too Bro. We must truck on though. Gary
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    Gary, all I did was sleep yesterday & today.
    Part of it, was the raw, gray cold days. But,
    I believe in a mind body connection. I felt
    depressed after Christmas, and just wanted
    to "put my head 'neath these covers", like
    Sinatra sings in the slow, sad ballad,
    CYCLES. I did have a slight fever & chills,
    so sleep was welcome. I seem to be OK, so
    I plan to take a bus to the nearby. city,
    tomorrow am, when it's sunny & watmer.
    I emailed Karyn Arnold to thank her for
    the lifeline of GIC. Lou
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    I’m glad you’re feeling better Lou. I lost some motivation today and felt low self esteem and insecurity. I’m certain its my old friend depression paying me a visit. I was tired also. I got up at 6:30. That’s the latest I’ve slept in a while. Funny when I wake up late I’m always tired. Glad you’re getting some sun tomorrow. Thanks for letting Kayrn how we appreciate the site working so well. I have my in person grief meeting tomorrow. Take care oldest brother. Gary
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    This is hard, but I also believe it is important. For me that was taking care of myself physically and mentally. I joined a gym and have to talk myself into going every day. Eating healthy. Talking to a counselor and coming here to read the stories of those who really "get it." I appreciate everyone on this site. When I was visiting my brother for Christmas and I was explaining my feelings of excruciating sadness, guilt, and a variety of other not so pleasant emotions. He asked if roles were reversed, how would I want Lizzy to live. Would I want her to feel guilty or sad. And of course not. While it is impossible for these emotions to completely vanish, his statement did help me and make me determined to try to live a life that would make her happy and proud.

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    I tell myself that each day. But it is hard to do. I actually had a conversation with Ron about that very thing. He told me if he should pass before me, please don’t waste time mourning for long periods of time. To please enjoy life and live a full life. He said this to me many years ago. And I told him I wanted the same for him, but that it would be terribly hard to be happy if I lost him. And he agreed that it would be hard. The pain is overwhelming. Joining the gym was a good choice. Keep your blood flowing. You’re taking care as best you can. I’m happy you have such a caring supportive brother.
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    Chad, I agree with Robin about your
    brother. When Linda was confined to
    our apartment, before the hospital, she
    surprised me one day. She made me promise toenjoy life, no matter what
    would happen to her. Lou
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    I've been without power since Sunday midnight, it just came on now at 5PM Wed. 29th. I had only a small battery cell and lot's of snow. It's been hell to say it politely. K
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    Oh no! I’m not sure I would be polite after 3 days.
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    I would be in deep shit, to have no power
    ( & heat) on top of feeling fever & chills. I have to wear a sweatshirt to bed, as it is ,
    Bernadine. So glad I have. Smart Phone,
    so I don't feel cut off & isolated. Lou
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    Robin, yes, lost my son in a tragic way. He died at the hands of the LVN. This LVN made a terrible mistake causing my son's death. He is now under investigation, got fired and license taken away. My anger is still with me.
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