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    I lost my wife seven months ago I'm 31 she was 35 I feel like I can't let her go I don't want to admit to myself your gone noatter how hard I try. I'm just miss you so much I would rather be in prison the rest of my life .I'd rather feel all my bones broken at once then to have lost you this pain seems like it's just getting worse I make myself sick at the thought of our daughter growing up without you she needs you more. your way stronger than I ever was you never gave up on me and better than that u never gave up on us even proving many atime I never deserved you and I think about it your to better than this world I just wish I knew you were ok even a thumbs up would surfice the thing the really gets me is the not knowing it keeps me awake at nights and that's one of many of why I cant rest I just want to hold your hand one more time to smell your hair to feel your eyes on me I know your proud of me of what I've become but some days are just too much to realize there nothing I can do to fix this im learning and trying my best to be the best for our daughter I can promise I'll always be there to protect and love and care for our daughter tilly last breath I'm learning every coping skill to better our lives I'm sorry Its the hardest day so far cause being your birthday and the day I married my best friend I just don't understand why I'm scared you'll be the one to forget me it's just this awful feeling that comes up I have so many questions for you I miss you my beautiful wife Kris añd love you to no end . Love you your best friend Anton.
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    Hello, your post has touched me immensely, I have no words to say how sorry I am for the tragic loss of your darling wife, and at such a young age too. Like you say, you are doing your best for your daughter, she needs you so much now and she will give you strength and comfort to go on. I lost my husband suddenly nearly two years ago, and my two grown-up children give me a reason to get up in the morning.
    I hope you find solace in sharing your thoughts here with us.
    Take care of yourself.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I love how you expressed your feelings to her in your post. I understand having questions. We want to know if they truly are pain free and ok. I lost my Gant almost 3 years ago and just like you I feel sorry for my kids not having him. They are my motivation though. I keep going for them. Your promise to be there for your daughter is mouthful and let me know she's your reason to keep going. Holidays and special occasions definitely makes it hard but as you're stronger the same memories that make u sad will make you smile again.
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