Lost the love of my life

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    The love of my life died June 24, 2021. We met as teenagers and fell in love. But the universe wasn’t ready for us. So, 16 years later we found each other and never let go. We had that kinda love everyone searches for, that most don’t even think is real. Every single part of us was perfect for each other. We never even once agued never mind fought. We were just so in love. We were in the middle of buying our first home. We wanted to have another baby and he had asked me if he could adopt my son. We had the most beautiful future planned out for ourselves. He was clean for 7 years and 22 days. In the end his demons won, leaving me with my own demons now that I don’t know how to handle. It just hurts so much!
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    Your story is heartbreaking. I am sorry for your loss of someone who meant so much to you. You are right about his demons. My son once said, "There's more that comes out of that bottle, than liquor." meaning demons will overtake you if you continue on that way. The same is true of drugs. There's more that comes out of that needle or pill than drugs. How sad that after 7 years he was drawn back into that lifestyle. There are always dealers who will not let up on someone they know has a weakness in that area. They go after them and attack like a pirhanna.
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