Lost my son to a heroin overdose 3/3/21

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by jeanR, Feb 27, 2022.

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    This week will be 1 yr since losing my son. It still seems so surreal at times. This is the inconceivable loss for any parent. Your world forever changed, your life never to be the same again. Your heart shattered.....yet everyone else's life does seem to go on. I try every day to do the best I can.....15 weeks after my son died, my Dad passed away. I know it was from a broken heart. My son called his "Poppy" EVERY SINGLE DAY ! Sometimes twice a day. My Dad could never reconcile this loss. It has been a most difficult year.
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    Dearest jean,
    It being a most difficult year for you is putting it very lightly, I am sure. Not only have you had to bear the unbearable grief of losing your dear son, but also watching your Dad must be heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you. Some people have a very difficult cross to carry.
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    I feel your pain. In my case, my son took the loss very hard when my dad passed and moved clear across the country to remove himself from so many physical reminders. Unfortunately, he moved into a neighborhood in SF that had very high fentanyl trafficking and lost his life from a drug overdose by way of fentanyl poisoning mixed with cocaine. I would be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t cried every day since. The grief feels insurmountable. Offering support to others experiencing similar emotional pain seems like a good way to push through this.