Lost my son, 26 yrs old

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Angieja, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Angieja

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    Lost my son of 26 yrs to suicide. He was in the navy. He has an 8 yr old son whom I now have custody of. I feel like I died along side of him. My heart will never be whole again.
  2. CBecks

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    I know your pain all to well I lost my son in an accident 44 years old and my brother to suicide . I feel like I just go through the motions everyday. The only thing that holds me together is my grand children. The pain and empty feeling our whole family feels is over whelming . We just gotta hang in there and hope it does get better.
  3. Vickie

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    I am so truly sorry for your Loss and for your Grandson. I lost my daughter some years ago at the age of twenty six in an awful car accident, drowning. She left behind a beautiful five yr old daughter. My heart was broken and having to tell my granddaughter her Mom was gone was the most difficult thing. My heart and prayers go out to You. I know that you must be overwhelmed with so many emotions and trying to Care for your Grandson. I hope that you have support. It was a Grief Site that kept me going. Keep talking and as dark as the day's may seem remember You aren't Alone. There are others that understand the process Pain.

    Prayers, Vickie
  4. David Hughes

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    Angieja, I am so sorry for your loss. It is disheartening to hear when one decides to end their life. The fact that he had a son is also, going to be hard for his son to one day come to terms with.

    I come from a family of many veterans, both US Army, Navy, WW1 vets, WW2 vets and Vietnam. I was in the Army for almost 13 years, my brother for 3 years and we both were Nam vets. My grandfather was a WW1 vet, one of my uncles was also in the Army, my dad and two brothers were WW2 vets. My step brother's dad was in the navy and was KIA on D-Day.

    So when you talk about a soldier, I am profoundly saddened to hear of his loss. One of my uncles, committed suicide, after his wife died the day before, they had a daughter who had married and was in Canada when her dad died. There are no easy answers when it happens, you just have to look beyond it sometimes.

    For the sake of your sons memory, and your grandson and his mother (?), please take your time in healing from this. I realize we never think our children will precede us to the grave but sometimes awful things happen. I hope you will take the time to heal inside and open up if at all possible.

    Vickie, I also hope that you will find a way forward and heal inside.

    CBecks, I am so sorry for the loss of your brother.

    I know loss is an enormous enigma, with no easy answers for us all. We question so many things after loss, and there just don't always seem to be any satisfactory answers. I hope all three of you keep opening up, to help others, yourself and take the time to still be thankful for what we still are blessed with. Peace be with all of you.


    This song is for all three of you:

  5. lcl

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    Dear Angieja, I am so sorry for your loss. My son was 28 when he was murdered after returning from overseas while in the army. It has been a year and a half, but I feel lost and alone. We cannot explain these events, none of us can, but we can help each other with support. lcl
  6. Vickie

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    So sorry for the Loss of your Son. Having support and others who you can talk to can keep you going. My prayers are with you. Vickie