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    A week ago yesterday, one of my sister’s passed away. She had been battling leukemia. Died suddenly after a biopsy. Was on life support for a week. I was not able to see her and say my goodbyes because of the current situation with this virus. We Can’t even have a service for her either until this thing is over. It’s been unreal. I feel as if she is still alive and in the hospital. Can’t wrap my head around this.
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    So sorry for the loss of your sister. To not be with her must have been awful. Then to not be able to have a service is even worse.

    Before my wife Nadine passed, her two brothers, and one sister died. One brother died in winter and so we couldn’t bury him until Spring. It was very hard for Nadine, her last sister and parents to wait for their ceremony.

    Today you, me and everyone else are faced with impossible choices. We have to say goodbye to someone before they enter a hospital, for you never know if they will survive.

    Where I am from so many precautions are being taken for the health and well being of us all. I understand it, but it is so hard to sometimes deal with it. As my oldest son gets ready to head to work, he is a technician on essential items, I say I love him, and tell him to be careful on his drive on the road for almost an hour, sometimes with hazardous road conditions.

    He wears a full suit like medical personnel, in an air controlled environment. I never know when he leaves what the morning will bring. I know, melodramatic, but I have lost too much in life and just want some relief. Sorry, just my past grief rearing its’ ugly head.

    Littlesis, I understand your sorrow. It will be hard to overcome. It will take time, and hopefully sometime in a closer future you and your family will finally be able to say goodbye to your sister.

    You never realize how harsh life can become until death knocks on someone’s door. No one is ever prepared, no matter how much notice they have. All you can do is collect your heart off the floor and do the best you can to face the heartache. I truly understand this pain can be so darn unbearable at times.

    Littlesis, your sister will always be with you in your heart, in your mind, and in all the sweet memories you had with and of her as you grew together. For now you take care of yourself. This grief will be hard to overcome to talk about and move beyond.

    I hope you and your family will be able to talk with another. One of the toughest things families encounter after death is talking honestly with one another. Just know, she loved you no less than you loved her. I hope you will have some peace in your mind tonight. Please take care of yourself, and talk with us anytime you wish.


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    Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope that your son stays healthy and safe. We are living in the most troubling times.

    I have lost many family members and the one thing that has helped is the comfort of my family being around. I am blessed with 3 great sons and a very supportive and loving spouse.
    The saddest part is not being with my sis when she passed. I cherish the memories and good times.
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    That is great for you to have others to talk with. I hope time will help heal your broken heart.

    Yes, memories will be something we can always hold onto for the rest of our lives. For now take care of yourself, and if you ever feel like talking more reach out to us.

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    Hello, my name is Victoria and I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of your sis. Its def surreal and so hard to understand.
    I still cant believe my middle sister past away recently as well this past January 18. We were bffs and always so close and my oldest sister had to watch her helplessly as she fought for her last breath. She suddenly choked on a piece of food . Paramedics tried to save her and she was rushed to the hospital but werent able to get it all out in time. She was on life support over night and died the next afternoon. So very very hard!!!! I'm here anytime you need to reach out. Anytime at all