Lost my only child 45 days ago.

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Just a mom, Nov 13, 2020.

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    I lost my son 45 days ago. He fell from a 3 story balcony. He was 24 years old and he was my whole world. He was the most kindest person that you would ever want to me. I have cried for 45 days Every day I wake up and I start crying. My heart hurt more than ever in my life. When I go to bed at night I asked God to please let him come to me in my dreams just to say I love you mom one more time. Please somebody tell me when it starts to ease a little.
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    I lost my 35 year old daughter 2 weeks ago. The 17,2021
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    I lost my 32-year-old daughter on Aug 21, 2019. I cry almost every day. I feel like my heart has been pulled out of my chest. I don't know if it ever gets better.
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    Hello Ladies, I am sorry for the loss of your children. I am in the same boat. Your losses are so recent, you must feel like this is all a bad dream. After a time we wake up to the fact that unfortunately it is not, but you are not alone. There are others on this site that completely understand the heaviness of the loss. Please continue to stay in contact with us and share your feelings as it helps you find some release. Chris
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    My dear Sherry, I am so sorry for your loss. We are here for you and care about you. This loss of a child is always so tragic and almost inconsolable to a mother. May God strengthen you to get through this.
  6. I can’t tell you when it will get easier, but I do know that it does. I think it is best not to put a time limit on you grief, but recognise that every day of the journey is a day further through it, a day nearer your grief recovery.

    You will never be quite the same again, but you will find that through your grief you will find a new relationship with your son, that will allow you to love him just as much as you do now, but without the day after day pain that you are now living through. How you are feeling is natural. You will get through it.

    We lost our 23 year old son James 4 years ago this Monday. He took his own life. I love him as much as I ever did, perhaps even more. After 4 years, I can do so without waking with the pain of loss every day, but I still think of him every day and I still have some painful feelings of grief from time to time. I wouldn’t want that to change though.

    best wishes
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    I am so sorry for your loss I know you asked for someone to tell you when does it start to get easier in my experience personally my daughter he passed away at 36 unexpectedly she did have bad health and was on oxygen 24/7 and had COPD passed away in her sleep but I still haven't found it any easier they're still not one day passes by that she is not side of or she is not missed she and I live together and I have found that it never gets easier find me joining a group and by me going to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist helps me deal with it better maybe that's something you'd like to look into because that's the only thing that I have found to help me it's just how to deal with it in different ways you will be in my prayers
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