Lost my mom 4 years ago

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by Maria2005, Mar 17, 2024.

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    I lost my mom 4 years ago and I feel like it's my fault and I don't know what to do or how to deal with it.
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    Hello Maria, I have been typing my thoughts and feelings in here and it has helped me a lot. I know that this is common to put blame on ourselves and I experienced similar feelings after my Mom just passed a couple of weeks ago. The what ifs were plaguing me as if I could have done something to prevent her transition to God. A good friend said to me that God knows when a person is ready to move from this world to the next and that I am not in control of that. I found relief in this knowledge, but I know it is still difficult and I emotionally miss her. She is in her looong home now and in a spiritual body that doesn't have all of the painful health problems anymore.

    I found it super helpful to know that others feel the same and that we needless torture ourselves with the guilt after a loved one passes. It isn't our fault. I am starting therapy tomorrow and will see how that goes maybe that might help for you too.

    I come in here often if you would like to connect or chat.

    Prayers xoxo ~Heather
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