Lost my girl in accident

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Lilian, Oct 31, 2016.

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    I had miss my girl since year 3/5/2015 , she is 18 years old and very well playing and passion in music . Until today I still grief until my negative taugh told me just give up everything n sleep , don't care your own hubby , son & mum , become so selfish to keep inside the room . Thank God, my pastor has guide me in the right path and a lot of prayers to help me move on . I can laugh anytime n crying anytime . I put all her photo everywhere ,in my wallet too . I can't share my grief to friends or family who is not go through . They will change the topic when I share my girl story . Possible they want me to erase all the memory n b normal n happy but I can't . I still need her in my heart to move on .
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    Hi Lillian- thank you for being here and especially for sharing your story. I see it so often, people looking elsewhere for support because they feel their friends and family are ready for them to move on. We never get over our grief. When we love someone deeply there is never a time where we can feel okay with them being gone. However, with support and understanding and especially with time, the hope is that the grief can soften, even just a bit. Until then, you must allow yourself to take whatever time you need to heal and do it on your timeline, and no one elses. I hope you find support here and people to talk to. We're here to help in any way we can....
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