Lost my father 2 months ago from a years long battle

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    I am new here. I have tried Facebook grief groups but I think I am looking for something for personal and private. Almost 2 months ago, my sister called me at 11:43am and told me she found our father dead in his room. I love right around the corner so I rushed over. As I was on the phone with 911, I ran downstairs to make sure he was past the point of help. I also had to see him for myself. The first thing I saw was his grey feet hanging off of the bed. He looked so peaceful. His hands were grey and he had his phone in his left hand. Je was so cold. A cold i will never forget the feeling of. Looked like he just laid down, closed his eyes and passed away. I didn't cry until I had to call my other sister out of state and tell her. The ambulance came to confirm he was gone. Then everything went so slow. They had to do an investigation since he died at home. I just wanted them to take his body already. Everything was taking so long. The police said they found drugs and they were calling it an overdose. Fentanyl. This horrible thing that is taking our loved ones. I had been preparing myself for this for years. That his demons would finally get him. But I think I was still holding onto a little hope that maybe they wouldn't. That hope is gone and so is he. Every day is a struggle. They have actually opened an investigation into it and are very close to catching the dealer. I can't wait for that person to be behind bars so another family does not have to go through this. I'm just so heartbroken.