Lost my daughter

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Nicole76, Jun 28, 2018.

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    I honestly wish I wasn't writing this. 3 weeks ago my beautiful 12 year old daughter took her life. There were absolutely no indications or clues or concerns that she would ever do this.
    She left a note and said it was due to a few of her so called friends. My heart is broken and my life is shattered.
    The worse part is she has a twin. Her best friend.
    12 years old!!!!! This is a nightmare and I feel like it's not really happening.
    I am looking for other parents to talk to who are going through a loss of a child from suicide.
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    I am not a parent and can not possibly know what you are going through. All I can do is offer my sympathies on the tragic loss of your daughter. It is very sad to know that some kids are bullied to such a degree that they feel there is only one way out.
  3. I understand. My son hung himself 1 month before his 19th birthday in January 2017. No note. No clues. He had a baby on the way. Lamont Rivera Jr. Just turned 1. I have only seen him 3 times since birth because it is too hard for me to be around him. He looks JUST LIKE my son and acts just like him . I get anxious every time i see hin and cry unctrollably while holding him. I have been sober for 9 days bc I stayed drunk to have an excuse not to be around but after being at his 1st bday party last week, i realized that I am all that baby has left of his father. My husband (his grandfather) died of cancer 5 months before my child killed himself. Lamont had a twin but i miscarried the twin. I absolutely cannot imagine how difficult it must be with you having her twin there with you. I just cant imagine. I just joined today hoping some support can help me stay sober. I am here and understand so much more than u know. I feel like seeing my grandson is watching my son grow up all over again. Its very bittersweet and heartbreaking