Lost my dad

Discussion in 'Loss from Substance Abuse' started by Ashley2231, Jul 16, 2019.

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    I have never done this before so I hope I’m doing it right. I just lost my dad June 22 2019 I let him move in with me after he was done with the halfway house he got to my house and 4 days later was passed away on my Coach from a opioid overdose he was really close to one of my sons that’s only 2 years old that found him and tried To wake him up I thought he was sleeping than my boyfriend went to check and told me to call 911 that’s when I new my dad was gone. My family is blaming me now and me and my boyfriend just broke up and I’m pregnant. I feel like my world is falling apart im trying so hard to stay strong for my 2 sons.I’m sorry for the bad spelling .
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    Ashley, I am so sorry for your loss and all that has happened in such a short time. It's hard enough to lose a parent under these circumstances, but losing the support of those closest to us can make it feel like there is no where to turn. Unfortunately when a loss like this happens, everyone gets so wrapped up in their own grief that they're not always able to see what those around them are going through. Placing blame may be easier than feeling the real pain and sadness that comes with grief, and it may mean that for now, the only support you can get is from those outside of your family. But just know, you're not alone. That's the case for a lot of people and it's one of the reasons we are here - to provide a community and a place for you to grieve. I'm glad you have found us and hope we can be a help. Please take care~