Lost my boyfriend 3 weeks ago.

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    I’m so so sorry for your loss. What some people have been telling me is that i
    Hello Lou,
    Thanks for your response, his Name was Brian. I’m sorry for your loss also. I couldn’t imagine being with someone for that long and them leaving me. I just have to trust that God is faithful and amazing and we will see them again.
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    Hello Bernadine,
    Thank you for your response. I’m sorry of your loss of your partner Kenn. May peace be with you during the holidays and any other days! It’s so so so difficult for me not knowing how he died and the whole story was very traumatic for me and I wish I knew. It’s hard to comprehend or find closer.. I feel so hurt, lost, and angry.
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    Aubrey, thank you for saying Btian's name,
    so we may honor him. Lou..
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    Hello Aubrey. I am terribly sorry for your loss of Brian. My name is Gary. I lost my girlfriend Cheryl 8 months ago. Its only speculation how Cheryl died of a cardiac arrest while sleeping. There were no warning signs or noticeable health problems. An EKG and EEG were taken and nothing was abnormal. I have to assume Cheryl died of obstruction sleep apnea. It does not change anything though. A lot of us are reading the book Permission to Mourn by Tom Zuba. In The chapter “if you are new to grief” Zuba says if you have recently lost someone very dear to you, you would go to a room with a comfortable bed. In the room you can control the lights and the volume of the music. In the room all you are supposed to do is rest eat and sleep for a long time. Because when we have lost someone very dear to us we are in total shock and feel a myriad of negative emotions. That’s why we keep saying be kind and gentle to yourself. Rest as much as possible. Eat a healthy diet. Get outside into the fresh air and exercise. Communicate with people who have your best interests. Avoid all the others. I was getting a lot of calls and wouldn’t answer. I would text them back and say text me I’m not taking calls today. Please stay with us Aubrey. Gary
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    Thank you, Gary, for reminding me
    about certain passages in Zuba's book, bc
    I gave it back to my grief counselor. I hope
    Aubrey will stay, too, but she's so young
    and the death is so recent & raw. Lou