Lost My Best Friend of 42 Years Two Days Ago

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Sparky, Feb 23, 2022.

  1. Sparky

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    I lost my best friend of 42 years two days ago, it was a sudden death and totally unexpected. He was found dead on the bed when I went to wake him up. He usually sends me a chat every morning about 7 to see if I am ok. His body was frozen, he has been taken to do an autopsy to find out the reason of his death. I am completely heart broken and in great pain. We practically do things together for 42 years. We have made lots of trips with his dogs and my cats. Of course we argue at times, but the good times outweigh the bad times, no doubt about that. I have a friend who live with us but he works daily. My deceased friend and I own a business together and we both work at home. So basically I am very isolated in the day time. He has 3 dogs and I have been with them after he was gone. I know they missed him because they kept looking out the window and door to see when is he coming back. They have stayed in his bedroom for the last 2 days and rarely come out. I hate to leave them alone. I tried my best to comfort them, at the same time, tell myself I need to be strong for my deceased friend and his dogs. But it's so hard to do and I am really in big pain. I have done some research for therapy, but haven't decided if I should or not.

    I am completely at a loss.
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    My name is Helena, I'm very sorry for your friends lost and also the poor creatures waiting for him to come, also my heart is with you. Not only humans grief, animals they don't talk but they feel that he is gone. I'm sure that they also are missing him very much. Again I'm so sorry for the lost of your friend. Now, please take care of yourself and also the animals they need your attention maybe more than before.
    Sending you all my simpathy.