Lost my 38 year old son

Discussion in 'Loss from Substance Abuse' started by susiel, Jun 1, 2019.

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    I lost my son May 16 after a battle with alcoholism. I had thought we would be able to get hin thru it and get on a liver transplant but I feel he had a different plan. A year ago he had stopped drinking and gone back too work, everything seemed to be going well, then he got sick all of a sudden. His girlfriend later told me he had stopped taking his meds and started drinking again, I think when he got sick again he stopped his meds and started drinking again to rush his death, before he lost his benefits. I took him to the hospital on Tuesday at 10 and by that afternoon he was on life support. I had to make the decision to take him off life support and it has broken my heart so bad I can hardly breath. My mind knows it was the right thing to do there was no brain activity but my heart says why did i let me baby die. I am angry at him for doing this, I am angry at the girlfriend for not calling me, I am just angry and hurt and don't know how to move forward. It is literally one second at a time right now.
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    I'm so sorry. My son passed from alcohol use too 15 months ago. He had just turned 39 years old. He'd sustained a traumatic brain injury from an accident caused while under the influence, then after 8 months of horror dealing with the TBI, he passed away. I think he just couldn't deal with having a scrambled up brain. It's painful beyond belief.