Lost much younger sister to suicide

Discussion in 'Loss of Sibling' started by LizAley, Jan 7, 2024.

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    Lost my closest sibling who called me mom when she was young to suicide Nov 16. How do you make it through the out of blue shit? Like trying to fall asleep tonight and bam! I am hit with a play by play of the phone call from my mom. The same visceral responses are coursing through me and it's 12:30am. What? How? Help
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    Hi, Liz. I am sorry for your terrible loss and I am sorry no one has seen your post sooner.
    I understand these feelings you are dealing with because we unexpectedly lost our 28 year old son to suicide. The impact of such a tragedy is overwhelming.
    Recognize that you are in the inital phases of a grief walk, and this will be the hardest part. Most likely anything else that hits you in life, will never be as bador as hard as this. I wish I could talk with you personally, but that is impossible here, so I will just post my response to your cry for help.
    How did this happen? In my thinking, the daily challenges of life just became too much for your sister. She lost all hope. Don't let the same thing happen to you. The source of your greatest help will be Jesus Christ. He loves you and your sister more than you could ever imagine. Call on Him when everything seems hopeless and He will be there instantly to carry you through.
    This kind of occurence really messes with our mind. It interferes with so many things, like getting some sleep, concentrating, accomplishing anything. But this is normal. Try not to push your feelings under. The more you can acknowledge them to yourself, the more it will help with your healing. You will heal and be able to carry on again. It will not be quite the same, because you are no longer the same. Such a shock disturbs every area of our being.
    Take good care of yourself. Try to get outside every day for a walk, even if it is a short walk. The fresh air and God's creation have a healing quality about them.
    Don't expect more of yourself than is possible. Do what you are capable of that day, even if it doesn't feel like much. Keep walking on
    until you are able to better cope with the situation tha has occurred in your life.
    We care and want to support you. Stay connected here.
    Share your feelings as you feel led, because sometimes this helps a person to sort things out.
    My best and love to you,