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    My name is Olivia. I am 25 years old and a mother of 3. I lost my Husband this past March. Losing a spouse/significant other is a pain that is so unbearable. Trying to adjust to life has been the biggest challenge. I have tried to read books, I tried therapy, and I even tried to meditate. I felt like none of these things were helping me. I tried using this live chat support but it didn't help so much. Yes, there were people who lost their spouse but, suicide; my god is a whole other thing itself. There is nights were I can't shut my brain off and the what if's pop in my head or did I miss signs or was there anything that I could've done to change things. My therapist said to me, you can't keep on living with this pain and you have to accept that theres nothing you could do to bring him back. REALITY is he is gone for good. I feel as though the only way that I could get thru this was finding other people in the same situation as me. In the end I feel in my heart what will help me learn to tolerate the pain. I feel my calling is to help others and let others help me. I created an email: allinthistogethergrp@yahoo.com and I want to everyone who sees this and wants to either just share their story to send me an email. I will respond to everyone, once I get a good volume of people we can set up like a zoom meeting and all share and be there for one another because truth be told we all are feeling the same things. Like maybe do a weekly meetings? There would be nothing more healing to just have people who care and understand you. I know that no matter what we will still have this lifetime pain but you know what I will be there for any of ya'll. I hope you all reach out! Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

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    I am interested in zoom meeting. My husband committed suicide 2 weeks ago by hanging and I found him hanging in the garage
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    So sorry.
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    Sorry to hear of your terrible loss.