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    On October 30th, 2022 - I held my 17 month old daughter Remi Skye until she gained her wings after her 34 day fight for her life. She’d been at the babysitters house on Sept. 26th where she’d been left unattended for some time and gained access to the pool where she drowned. Upon arrival of the EMT’s Remi was without oxygen for 15 minutes which caused significant brain damage. My husband and I were by her side day and night for 34 days while she was in the hospital, we sought second opinions to ensure we did everything possible to fight for our daughter. We have 2 children, one spent these long days and nights at her aunts house while we tried to explain the situation to her.
    Remi Skye was a vivacious, smart, beautiful and spunky little girl. She had so much life to live, and so much love to give. She had the world at her hands and unfortunately because of negligence and the inability to take responsibility for ones actions she will never have the opportunity she deserves. My husband and I swore that we’d honor Remi by ensuring that we were selfless and pursued the best quality of life that we could give her. “Quality over quantity” was the mindset that we’d lived by, and at the end of our 34 days we’d come to terms with the fact that Remi was no longer living a life that was at the quality that was to the standards that my husband or I set for her.
    I will forever love my baby girl, and she will forever be in my dreams. I will never understand how I am too live the rest of my life without Remi. It’s a day to day survival; and a struggle to get through however for the sake of my 9 yr old I know I have to move forward.
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    Angelmama, HUGS. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. If you believe, she will always be an angel watching over you and her family. HUGS. to you and your family.
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    We saw that you came into the chat room and wish someone had been there to greet you. The chat is most active now around 8:00am Eastern time. It has been slow lately and we are trying to build it up. Is there a better time for you to visit? If we know we can try to have someone there to meet with you. and here are more HUGS for you.
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    So very sorry for the loss of your baby girl, Remi Skye. Such a beautiful name and I am sure she was beautiful too.
    This is such a difficult loss for you and you are in the early stages of grief which seem unbearable.
    It looks like the last time you were on here was Dec. How are things going for you now Angelmama?
    We care.