Loss of mom and dad

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    I’m 25 years old and I’m really struggling with the loss of my parents. I lost my dad at the age of 17 and I lost my mom on December 1st,2022. I feel like my life completely flipped upside down and my whole world changed within a blink of an eye. My mom had a disease called ITP which made her have dangerously low platelet levels, she suffered from this disease for about 4 years, and every treatment they tried worked for a little bit and then failed. In the beginning of November she was diagnosed with RSV, pneumonia, and a fungal infection in her lungs which really took a toll on her, she was constantly weak and her immune system was already compromised, her body was tired. She was sent home about a week after being in the hospital for her to go back in two days after thanksgiving and dying days later. I remember going into her room to see her and she looked at me after struggling to reposition herself and said “I can’t do this anymore baby, I wanna go be with your dad” and hearing that absolutely broke my heart but I am thankful she told me herself instead of my sister and I having to make that decision. I’m thankful she isn’t suffering and I’m thankful she went SO SO peacefully but the depression is rough, and my anxiety is through the roof and I feel like I have no way to turn, I’m so young, both my parents have passed and I feel so alone.