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    In my 42 years of life, 24 of them in active addiction and I'll say craziness. I've seen many people lose their lives to carelessness and just plain not caring. I've lived on the streets by choice for 7 years, because I couldn't deal with my family always being at war with each other. Idk how I survived some of the bs, I got myself into, but I did. Any thing could have happened to me, and my family wouldn't have known. After growing up a bit, I realized that I could have handled things with my family better. We all made mistakes, and unfortunately we allowed it to destroy us. So much that I didn't meet one of my brothers again till I was in my 30s. Getting to know each other again, was not that easy. We were separated for a long time, when we finally got to see each other again, we were in different states, and struggling through our addictions, with the life it brought our loved ones and us. I'm grateful for the 3 years I got my brother back, before criminal charges that led to being locked up, and finally an addiction took him away again. I guess what I'm trying to express and say is, don't let stupidity destroy what little u have, and don't just write each other off. Families and friends can love from a distance, till they ready to be reunited.
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    Wishing you the best. It’s a good message...not letting stupidity destroy what you have.