Losing a parent to murder

Discussion in 'Loss of Loved One to Violence/Murder' started by Jessicaxx, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Jessicaxx

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    My name is Jessica
    October 5th a few years ago my father went to purchase a car and was shot dead because he was an innocent bystander who witnessed another murder take place there has been no convictions
  2. chnorris

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    I lost both of my parents in July. They were murdered by my son. It sounds like you still are grieving for your dad. Everyone I have spoke too, tells me that everyone griefs at their own pace. I have been looking for someone to talk with that has some idea of what all goes on in my head. Keep your head up and I hope things get a little easier.
  3. Sandy Edwards

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    Sorry to hear about your father. I also lost my dad to murder. And the person responsible is still walking around. It took almost a year before he was charged with mishandling bodily remains and failure to report a death, which are only misdemeanors in my state. The police never put together the evidence to charge homicide even though it was right in front of them.
    I have to believe spiritual or karmic justice will ultimately prevail. The Criminal justice system takes time and is imperfect. I hope you find peace and a positive outcome.
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    I find that having conversations, even with loved ones, is so different now after the death of my dear Pete last July (husband for 50 years). I realize that as I listen to them I'm thinking inside how boring and unimportant it all sounds. The conversation lags because I don't have much of a response other than Umm. Grief and mourning is the most difficult experience of my life. It runs everything.