Lonely, in despair, help needed

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Daisy171, Mar 24, 2023.

  1. Deborah A.

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    Hello Jackie,

    Gary’s advice is so important. For me, it’s been 4 years, and I still cry almost daily. I don’t think I will ever stop missing Steve. There is no rule book for grief. This place is a wonderful support on the journey. Take care of yourself. We’re all here together trying to keep grief from consuming us. Hugs and comfort. ❤️ Deborah
  2. JackieH1029

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    I'd love to recommend the Huberman Lab. He talks a lot about Grief. I've been waking up these days totally confused.
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  3. JackieH1029

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    Wake up daily wondering what's next? How to move forward? Grief Counselors say it's 'normal' at the end of 90 days. I should be kind to myself. ummm...
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  4. Gary166

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    Good job Daisy on getting help! Stumble forward Daisy while being compassionate and gentle with yourself. I got outside of my comfort zone and met with 15 people I didn’t know and walked a nature trail in a local park this morning. The name of this group is the Wild Walkers. They meet at different trails a couple times a month. I saw a woman there I had volunteered with at the hospice/grief center. I spoke with about half the group during the walk. They go out for lunch afterwards but I declined this time. Everyone was very nice and social. I think I will go on their next adventure. I have got to keep living and expressing my grief to people who support me on my grief journey. Gary
  5. Gary166

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    Oops! My bad. I meant Jackie not Daisy. Gary
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  6. JackieH1029

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    I got to find things to do. I'm getting very anxious with my loneliness. i love company. i love chatting on the phone. it calms me down a lot more than just texting. i wish this site was more 'audio'. A voice feels more warm and 'connected'. I'm trying to sign up to FRIENDLY VOICES
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  7. Van Gogh

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    Jackie, if you start a new thread: "Start
    a Conversation" directed to one member
    here, using the person's user name, then
    check off the "lock in" box, you will be
    able to text, call, and email that person.
    For example: My user name is Van Gogh,
    but my first name is Lou. I can now talk
    with, and even laugh with, 2 of my
    younger brothers here, Gary & George.
    Hope you can be our 4th. I'm also able
    to talk on the phone with 2 widows on
    GIC, but most of the time we text. Lou
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  8. JackieH1029

    JackieH1029 Active Member

    How have you been Gary? How are you holding up?
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  9. Gary166

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    Thanks for asking Jackie. Life has been a mixture of happy and sad since my beloved Cheerful Cheryl went over the rainbow 23 months and 1 week ago. Until just recently I’ve thought more about dying than I have about living because of a biochemical reoccurrence. I was recently given a clean bill of health. I’m coming out of isolation May first and I plan to start living again. Gary
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  10. JackieH1029

    JackieH1029 Active Member

    Yaay! to the clean bill of health. Sorry to hear about your struggles, but good to see you over the hump. How long were you and cheerful Cheryl together? I'm just past 3 months since Helen went over the rainbow. We had been together for 35 years. I'm totally lost. Not sure how I'll move forward.
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  11. Gary166

    Gary166 Guest

    Stumble forward is one of our Grief Warrior battle cries. Cheryl and I had only been together 9 years. We lived together the last 7. And those were the best years of our lives. Jackie your loss of Helen is very new. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at that point and went to my doctor. At 5 months I discovered GIC which gave me a place to communicate with others who get it. My free fall stopped 9 months later. Today I wept writing a birthday card to my brother Mark. Mark visted me every Saturday the summer Cheryl transitioned and was present with me. Mark didn’t try to fix me or find a solution for me. He listened and we grieved together. That’s what happens here at GIC. Gary
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  12. Rose69

    Rose69 Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you've been given the all clear for your health, Gary.

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