Life after hospice at home

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    CarolineW of all the things that happened the most gut-wrenching were my mom's taxes. She was always so sharp and loved doing battle with the IRS. We got to a point where she said two things. One was about the taxes being so confusing. The other she was looking for the 1099's. It was apparent she really could not do them any more but still so wanted to. I was so conflicted as to how to deal with it. I did not want to impose on her pride. As time was running out and with the most agonizing patience she finally relented. Doing what is needed but being so careful of feelings. I am sure there is a book on that somewhere. When Hospice did get on the scene. I learned from them about mixing nausea med in solution and using a no needle syringe to place it in the cheek. Same with the pain killer. To time it ahead of when it was acute. Without training how could I know? A period of time after my wifis death there was a friends sister. A little singe man radar was on but quickly concluded not a relationship here. But I found out she had cancer in remission. I had a major anxiety attack. The thought of going thru that battle again was not even remotely possible. Someday maybe but not now. I would know so much more. But I would get some in house help.

    Best to you Caroline

    Paul M