Learning to live with Grief

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Candace DeLong, Sep 12, 2019.

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    My first thread... it will be seven months since I lost my 42 year old son unexpectantly. I never lost someone close to me until my son died. I cannot believe how awful it would be in my wildest dreams. I am still shocked at this loss. Support in many ways has come & gone .. to be expected as people go on with their lives, especially those who have not experienced such a complete and devastating loss. I understand in so many ways now. I get much of my support from FB grief support groups such as this one. They have been the most helpful in this process of survival and finding my new norm if there is such a thing after death. I do deeply appreciate these groups as it is the bottom line for understanding, that can only come from m those who have suffered such a loss.
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    I'm sorry Candace. My son passed away a week after his 39th birthday on March 8 2018. just about 19 months now. I still can't believe it. the pain never goes away, I think of him every minute of every day and even while I sleep. I still have a lot of support but I find myself not reaching out for it as much. I just say I'm okay.
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    i lost my girl on 3/5/2015, now she is 22years old. she was suddenly lost in accident . i always said i m ok but i still lost in somewhere .Hope to see her in heaven is my destination. i can felt you. Let move forward together.
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