Just lost my daughter age 39 to brain cancer, lost my son age 30, 13 years ago.

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    ave lost and lost. In 2001 I lost my mom. 2003 I lost my son age 30. 2009 I lost my husband, 2011 I lost my father in law, 2015 I lost my mother in lawand August 2016 I lost my baby girl age 39 to brain cancer. I have excepted the loss of mom amd in laws even my husband. However, I am in deep grief over the loss of my daughter. She fought so hard. And left 3 children and a husband behind. I lived in my camper in her yard about a year to help her out. I actually live 7 hours from any of my family. I feel at a total loss. I hope someone can reply that that has been in similar situation. I need a friend. BTW, I have remarried and my husband is a truck driver so I am alone a lot. But I love him dearly.
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    Nana, I'm so sorry to hear of your losses and for the pain you are feeling. I find too often in the groups that I've facilitated that people are dealing with more than one loss, and sometimes it can be so overwhelming- too much for any person to have to deal with. I'm glad that you have the support of your husband, and I hope you can find people here to connect with as well. While you are dealing with so much, it sometimes helps to "zero in" on where you are having the hardest time coping. It sounds like you could use some extra support regarding your daughter's loss, so perhaps finding other mothers who have lost a child to connect with? From here you can go to "Make a Connection" and then "Find Others Who are Grieving", search for parents who have lost a child by clicking "who have you lost", and finally "child". I hope it's a start for you, and I hope we can be a help. Wishing you all the best....
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    Nana, I can't imagine losing two children. I'm so glad you have the love of a husband and grandchildren. Your daughter must have truly felt your love every day as you helped care for her. In the midst of your pain remind yourself of those who love you, and cling to those positive thoughts.
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