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Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by SheilaA, Jan 29, 2024.

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    Hello, I am searching for a place to find support, understanding and connection to the only people who can understand the daily pain when you lose a son or daughter. My son died from fentanyl poisoning in 2021 he was 34. It still hard to write that. He had no drug addiction history but obviously recreational use. I have read hundreds of stories of the loss of these beautiful people. They all seem the same - kind, funny, empathetic, generous, and thoughtful. Life is unfair. I struggle everyday to find a purpose and to care about something. I have cried everyday. I thought by now I would get a little break from the pain but that does not seem to be happening. Thanks for listening.
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    I am sorry for your loss. We lost our 28 year old son. Sometimes the second year is worse than the first, because that is when we come to a realization that we are not going to see them again in this life. Our heart keeps hoping we will see them-I found myself waiting for my son to pull into the driveway in his car, but of course, that didn't happen.
    It takes awhile to go through all of the holidays and all of the things that remind us of them. Of course we will never forget them, but along the road of grief we find out that God can bring us through the worst tragedy any parent can ever experience.
    Try to be patient and kind to yourself. You have experienced a great tragedy and lost someone very precious to you. It does take some time for our mind to even be willing to accept that reality. We can't rush grief. The tears are a sign of how much you loved him. After awhile, you will find that the pain is the same but it becomes less and less frequent and you will begin to have times when you are not constantly thinking of him. You will be able to occupy yourself with other thoughts and activities. Recognize that you will never be the same as you were, but that you can go on by the grace of God.
    Sending strength, love, and hugs to you. Don't give up hope.
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