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    I’m having a really, really difficult time, 7 years after losing my son Tommy. I still cry very easily, especially when I’m home alone or with my husband. A picture, a song, a movie, or just about anything, can bring me immediately to thinking about him not bring here. Sometimes my thoughts can get kind of morbid, like thinking about him dying alone, or at times I think about how I had handled things when he had relapsed. My regrets are many...and painful. I’m recently disabled and have had several hospitalizations over the last year. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight. I’m stuck, miserable, and feeling hopeless.
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    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear son, Tommy. I can totally identify with your feelings of many regrets. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to go back and make things right. We must somehow learn to forgive ourselves for the things we wish we had done differently. God is much more forgiving of our faults and mistakes than we are and able to love us when it is hard to love ourselves.
    It must feel terrible to have gained that weight. So easy to gain and so hard to lose.
    Please try to encourage yourself and hang on until things begin to improve for you. I know how hard that is, but you must try because you are important to us. We care and love you. Please stay in touch here.
    I am sorry no one has responded until now.