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    I lost my mom last month on January 3rd. She was sick for awhile but we didn't expect her to leave us so soon. She was only 58 years old.
    Some days are easier but then the regrets of what could have been or what we should have done differently surfaces and this intense sadness takes over. At times it doesn't even feel real that she's gone.
    She was my best friend and confidante, without her i'm all alone. For now I'm coping by talking to her aloud about my days (an advice from my therapist), and wishing that there was a way she could talk to me again.
    A piece of my heart is gone forever, but i take comfort in faith that she is in a better place without pain and suffering.
    And someday when my life ends, I know she'll be waiting for me.
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    I am sorry for your loss. A piece of your heart has been torn out and it will take awhile for it to heal over. Yes, there will be scars, but I am glad you are walking by faith.
    God loved your mother and He loves you and He will carry you through this grief walk and through all the sadness.
    You will experience strange feelings that make you think you are going crazy, but hold tight onto God's hand walking down this path and He will not disappoint you. He knows you, loves you, and can help you.
    Stay in touch here where people understand and care.
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    My mom passed 38 years ago, she was 46. I can't wait to run to her embrace once more, one day... she was my best friend and support as well.
    Blessings. Peace.

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    God's blessings to you for caring about those that are hurting.
    I hope you are getting along okay.
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    Thank you, Chris. It's been a rough week. I've been playing that mind game where I/we tell ourselves that our circle of people no longer want to hear about our grief. Have felt alone, but acutely aware that I do it to myself... Once I pick up the phone or walk to the neighbors I can open up and discuss what I need to, no matter whether they have a response or not. I think as time goes on others simply don't know how to continue the conversation. I have to do all the work, but once I make that connection at least I feel a bit more connected.

    I'm more thankful for my GIC circle each day. Thanks for your support!

    ~ Michael
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    I’m very sorry. My mom passed 2/3/23. She too was my best friend. We could talk about anything and she immediately understood. I really miss telling her about the little things that happen. There’s no one now who understands and cares