I lost my mom on Jan 30th of this year unexpectedly

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by cherry#9, May 30, 2022.

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    My mom passed away at the end of January of this year, and it still feels like it happened yesterday. She passed away unexpectedly literally a month before I was supposed to move to the same state she was in so that I could be closer to her. We made plans to do so many things and that was all taken away me. I had so many firsts without her in such a short time it’s been very difficult to cope. I turned 40 in April and that day was hard, then Mother’s Day was hard and I just can’t stop wondering why this had to happen this way. Everyone has moved on with their lives and the calls have stopped but I’m still feeling like there’s a whole in my heart. People are also trying to tell me how to grieve which makes me just withdraw and grieve in silence. I’m just really hurting and I miss her so much everyday.
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    How I feel you . I lost my mom unexpectedly too in december 2021. Winter was our favorite seson and Christmas our favorite holiday. She had a stroke in june and then Covid in november. She was doing ok but for some reason they doctor decided that she had to be hospitalized and within 10 days she was gone. I was in the hospital too and got to see her for a couple of hours before being released. I was sure she'll come home too. She didn't want a phone in her room and she would not talk over the phone to me and my sister. My borther would go see her everyday and stayed with her untill the end. She was my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life. I was taking care of her. I have lived with her all my life ( 58 years ). I'm dying without her. I don't know how I'm gonna carry on. People are fed up of listening to us crying and breaking down. Phone calls are rare. Invitations are none existing anymore. My sister had to move in with me but the adjustment is very difficult for both of us but I'm grateful and blessed that I have her by my side cause I couldn't live by myself. I'm not living anymore, I'm surviving with my mom. I'm broken.