I lost my brother, my only sibling

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    I lost my only brother 2 weeks ago due to a sudden illness. I didn't expect his passing to be sudden. I thought he will live longer because he is cooperative with treatment. Also, I prayed and prayed and prayed to the Lord to help us. It breaks my heart to think that he passed away in such a young age, he is 35. He has so much more to experience in life. I wanted to always see him in my dreams to tell me that he is Okay now. That will give me comfort.

    As for coping with grief, I can't understand why I wanted to isolate myself from my friends. I know having support group other than family members is okay I feel like explaining what happened again and again only makes me hurt more.

    Coping with my brother's death is more difficult for me than 2 years ago when our mother died. I was able to cope because I was with my brother. Now, I feel so alone since I don't have my own family.

    I joined this group so I could read positive advices and comments with hope for the future. Because right now, all I could think is a dark and sad future. Also, somehow, lost my faith in this time of grief as I was asking the Lord why?? Why it happened to me and my family. :(
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    Hi Aileen, I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my sister suddenly in April. She was 32 years old. I've been grieving her death for 8 months, so I can tell you that it'll be a long time before you start to feel "normal" -- this is our new normal. I know you're only thinking of dark and sad futures, but I can reassure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your faith is being questioned, but I implore you to TRUST the process. Trust in HIM to guide you. We may not always have an answer to why things happen, and that's one of the hardest parts when we're faced with death. I know you also lost your mother two years ago, so I'm sorry for the losses you're facing. I know you feel alone, but this community is here for you. Sending you strength, and give yourself grace, and patience during such a difficult time. My prayers are with you.