I lost my beautiful, intelligent, hard working caring son, my only child, to a bullet.

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How does all this rork.. I habe mo idea.. I just need to talk to someone!!!!!!

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  1. David J. Cindric

    David J. Cindric New Member

    That was in2001... Then in2016 my Wife died while napping, only explination... Sudden Death Syndrome??
    ... I was in such a state of shoch, I wasnt able to function, I was... lost, thank God my ex wife and family were there to helpI had also just totalled my suv, and she drove me aroynd for a year, till I could sell my house, get another vehicle....
    Well, the day after my wife passed, my brother in laws called police, telling them, I said I was going to shoot myself!!
    ... Admittingly, if I had a gunI may have, should have... But point is... they did this to get me out of my house so they could remove my Mother in law... Who, her and I decided we would get a visiting nurse to do the things my wife did for her, and I could easily handle the rest....
    Well I was taken, without a chance to expkain Anything, bound taken to a hospitals mental ward, not able to phone anyone for two days... Thier policy... It was a Manditory six day stay, upon review, bad review, I would be there indefinately..
    While I was there, the two brotherc broke into my house, took my mother in law, who was the first mother I had since I was three, took my belongings, claiming they were hers, stole my suv, to haul the items to thier home, wrecked the whole front of it causing oveg $5,000 in damages, then parked it half in the woods in my driveway, so damage couldnt be seen by my ex's husband, who kept an eye on them... They let my 4 month old pit bull puppy out, didnt bother to catch and return himso he roamed the streets next to a busy route with much traffic, I had lost a dog to that road already, and there I was, helpless, no way to phone for help... For some reafon, hospital released me after four days!
    I cant remember how I got home, but I immediately went looking for my puppy, who was VERY attached to me... a meigmbor said he saw him evegyday at sunset roaming a dead end cul de sac nearby... I went, did my certain whistol... He came out of the woods., and we flew into each others "arms"... I fell down crying like a child... I have only cryed after loosing my son? But since eight yrs. Okd... I NEVER cryed, not even from whippings, abuse, nothing could make me cry... But since 2001 and 2016... I have so far spentSeven years of crying Every niteand now day and nitethe pain is mot just emotional... I feel like... Cramped up from the loss and sorrow, all the things I charished kore than life, stolen from me, the loss of my dear wife brought back the pain of loosing my son, too... I tried finding someone to tslk too, or help, anything to eafe the pain... My answers were,... Well... We just deal with the womans issues.. I acked... Cant a father love his son as much?? No answer except,.. Sorry? Sir.
    I left Jersey to escape memories of our life in our beautiful home, and to insure I couldnt seek revenge aginst the two I considered my own brothers, and who my wife raised... How could anyone disrespect a loved ones memory for thier kothers money?? One who perpatrated this crime is a Deputy Shariff!! Where is the compassion, respect for the person who was like thier mother??? I cant eben fathom it, still... I have nowhere to go to escape those memories, or the sounds of my own bresth gurgling bavk at me, while I tried resusitating my love... It comes to ke even while watching TV, if two kiss or wslk hand in hand... My heart is a damned pile of ashes.