I lost 2 of my kids within a month

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Jamiesue, May 10, 2022.

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    I feel so lost and alone my 2kids 38/39 yrs old died because of COVID. My son was staying with. After I lost my husband 3 yrs ago. So now for the first time I am alone. I can't sleep at night in this empty house. Someday I am okay other days worse then when this night are began. Mother's day was so hard I just wanted to die myself. If I could will myself to death, I totally wood.
    The best things in my life have been ripped out of arms and y heart. Ho does one keep going on,when there is nothing left to keep going on for?
    Idk where to go from here, what to do with myself when all I can do is cry and miss them. I can't figure out why God has to be so greedy and take them both from me. Sounds a little selfish and not so loving if you ask me, and I was told he was a loving God! I was told wrong I do believe. At least I am not feeling any of that love he so has. I just want my world to cease turning. Because there isnt any more joy in this one
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    I’m so sorry
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    I am so sorry.
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    I can't imagine how hard it is for you. I am so very sorry.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Im praying for your strength for each passing day.
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    As I have just experienced, the sudden loss of my mother, I can only imagine how painful this must be for you. God is still a loving God. I pray for peace and strength for the days ahead. I am sending you big hugs.
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    Hi, Jamiesue--I'm really so sorry about all your losses....that is just so terribly hard!! My "best people" are also gone, plus I have
    thyroid disease that doesn't respond well anymore to the medicines, so it makes it hard for me to do a lot. I'm the only one left from my immediate family.
    And I also struggle with why God allows all this to happen. I've been in a grief support group called "GriefShare," and it's church-based,
    They say that God has plans that we can't understand, and if you're still here, there is a purpose for it. We may not understand what it is right
    now, but there's some reason for it. I try to remember this, because it IS hard to go through all this stuff, just as I know it is for you.

    GriefShare groups are all over the place...there website is griefshare.org, I think. You type in your zip code and it'll show if there's some
    group near you....a few are still online, I think (which is what I did, more than once.). The people in my group were really kind, and all
    the leaders have been through major loss, themselves. It's 13 weeks--it's free, except for the workbook, which I think is $20.00. I still
    read the workbook a lot, because it has a lot of things in there to remember to try to help me get through this. The book has a whole
    chapter about being mad at God and questioning him--and that it's OK, and that's it's normal to do this. And other chapters on
    "Why?" did this happen, and "Guilt & Anger." Maybe you will meet some nice people around you who understand & you can talk to...
    Just an idea.....my heart goes out to you and everyone suffering on this site.