I feel like lost

Discussion in 'Life After Caregiving' started by Winter74, Dec 13, 2020.

  1. Winter74

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    My mom assed away in May .I've been her caregiver for over seven years. I am stuck. Everyone else seems to have been able to move on but I can't. I think about killing myself everyday, I don't have anything to live for.
  2. paul tinker

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    Sorry for your loss. Your mom is special and no doubt a major blow. The caretaking is immense and very demanding. I was just devested and totally drained. The worry, not knowing what to do, feeling grief as we tended to our person. For seven years is a very long hall and a portion during COVID. You did a huge solid for your mom and she knows that!!!

    The aftermath is devastating. I also thought about extremes. The pain is overwhelming. Just any type of space or distance is needed. That would be talking to someone. Just some distance from this pain. Not much works correctly right now. Overprocessing, fatigue, lack of sleep, focus, concentration. A long list.

    Hang in there. Talk if you need to. Trusted kind people, councilors whatever to help with space during this time. Please consider those things. Counseling I think is here. Hospice did a lot for me.

    Be well, sorry for this pain.

    Paul M.
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    Hi Winter

    My mother just passed 2 weeks ago, I was her caretaker also. I have been lost on what to do daily. Getting up in the morning is a chore. It is a struggle to do the things I need to do to take care of her finances and wishes. I have now lost both parents and was there for both. It just all keeps running through my mind.
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    My mother died just over a year ago, then my father died 7 weeks later "failure to thrive" I too feel totally lost. Adult orphan someone said. Boy, they just didnt realize how that hit the nail on the head. I wander through life now asking which direction do I head. I get it.