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    Hi everyone, I recently lost my partner, fiancée or boyfriend however anybody wants to see it on April 7th. I was with him for almost 18 and plus months. I loved him so much, but his addiction was horrible. I am paralyzed and mask everything just to contain myself. He died in a subway, and nobody knew about it until hours had passed. I don't know what to do. I have happy, sad, anger, frustration, all at the same time and it doesn't stop. I tried counseling and somehow hearing experiences can have a different attitude. I don't want to worry my friends, family, neighbors. All I want is to share in this space and read your comments about you loses. Everyone is different but the suffering is very intensified for me and want ways to see it clear my feeling.
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    I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. My husband died suddenly in January 2021. It has been the most painful experience I have had. I know how you feel - just take one day at a time. Walking has helped me and learning to not be so hard on myself - it will get a little better as time goes by. Just expressing myself on here has also helped me because this group is full of people who truly understand - you have my prayers.