Husband died alone

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Tracey May, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Peace be to you Tracy... please accept my deepest condolences and I'm so sorry that your husband passed and you were unable to be there with him. Please no what you're going through is normal believe me I to suffer from such despair and heartache that I'm surprised I'm still standing. I cry so much that my tears roll down my cheeks like water rolling down the Nile river and it doesnt stop. When I think about the good memories they make me smile and then before you know it I'm crying because sheesh they hurt so much and I cant do anything to bring me back too me. It's strange because I miss him so much but I miss us more if that makes sense. We still held hands in the bed while we slept he would grab my hand while he slept and somehow I too would fall asleep. He would say me Juicy did i tell you how much I LOVE YOU TODAY and I would say Mmm let me think and we both would laugh. We played pranks on each other every opportunity we could get. So trust me I feel all of your pain but I hope that because of the platform that we and everyone can get the healing and strength that is so desperately needed. Please keep in contact of you need to talk anytime I'm here. Peace n Love