How did everyone make it through 4th of July?

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by cjpines, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. cjpines

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    I know a lot of you were dreading the 4th without your love one. I am curious to hear about your day.

    My daughter and granddaughter were out of town. The rest of the family live far away. I was alone. My neighbor did come over and bring me a bottle of wine the day before.

    My day was very sad. All the past memories kept feeding my grief. Late afternoon I had a toast to my Jack, had another toast then went to bed at 7PM.
  2. DEB321

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    July 4th was a difficult day for me too. I woke up in tears, but was grateful that it was going to be a nice day, lots of sunshine. My list for the day only had one thing on it, take a long walk. I wasn't really hungry but ate breakfast anyway. I told myself I would feel better after I got some fresh air and exercise. While walking, I tried to listen to the sounds of nature, but couldn't stop thinking about my husband. Every single thing I saw seemed to trigger a memory, mostly good ones, but it didn't matter. My eyes filled with tears...

    After walking for about 4 miles, I stopped to talk to a stranger who was walking a small dog. The dog managed to slip out of her harness. We were standing on the edge of a sidewalk with a small strip of grass between us and a lagoon. We ran to grab the dog who was headed toward the water. (Alligators are always in the lagoon.) Luckily, the dog moved slowly. Her owner picked her up, put her back in her harness. I don't know how it happened, but we started talking about my husband who passed away recently, and her husband who passed away many years ago. We stood on that sidewalk and talked for over half an hour. Both of us cried. It felt good to talk to someone who was in a similar situation to my own. I believe that there is a purpose for everything. I believe we were meant to meet yesterday.

    I wasn't in the mood to celebrate, so I spent the rest of the day, and most of the evening, alone, and lonely... I'm sorry July 4th was miserable for you too. Sending you lots of hugs, wishing you peace, all of us peace.
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  3. cjpines

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    Yes, definitely, you were meant to meet that lady. I hope you see her again. There was a reason for the impromptu meeting. God moves in mysteries ways. I truly believe it.
  4. JenniferY

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    Struggled through actually reached out on here for support and found it. That was nice to have someone to communicate with.
  5. cjpines

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    Keep on this forum you will have support.
  6. susan beaulieu

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    it was a tough day..the kids are starting to scatter & im getting used to solo days..i havent been "alone" in a very long time...scott always made the most of every single holiday..i missed him terribly
  7. Mary0128

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    I was dreading the day but I had a very sweet conversation with my 7 year old granddaughter. We were sitting on the dock at the lake, (this was actually the 5th, the 4th was a wash out) she was telling me that she wished he had a magic spell to keep everyone she loved alive forever. She went on to say that sometimes she just wants to talk with her Gramps. I explained to her that we can still talk with Gramps and he will give her signs that he hears her. I told her sometimes a coin will show up on her path or a bird will look you in the eye. I told her that when I think of him and talk about him something always happens. Just then as if on cue a butterfly came up and sat right between us. I looked at her and said see what I mean, he loves it when we remember him. That made my day, I will never forget that sweet moment I was able to she with her.
    Peace to everyone.
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  8. JenniferY

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    We experienced lots turning off indoors closing lol I don't think that is what you mean though. I have started planting native plants to attract butterflies it helps if that makes sense.
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  9. JenniferY

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  10. Chris M 2000

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    How are your seed bombs doing?
  11. JenniferY

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    Some seeds sprouted. I honestly haven't taken time to look I have been tending to tomato plants and potatoes.
  12. Chris M 2000

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    I'm glad things are growing well for you.