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Discussion in 'Loss of Both Parents' started by Yoshibear2587, May 19, 2020.

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    Hi everyone I lost my mom suddenly in Nov and my dad in 2014 and I'm really sad tonight I woke up crying...its just been difficult lately
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    I am so sorry for both your losses. Losing a parent is so difficult. They are who made you what you are today. So it’s natural to feel devastated. I’ve lost both my parents, my Dad to cancer in 1994 and my Mom suffered from dementia and I lost her in 2005. Loss of each of them had a strong impact on my life. Devastated, overwhelmed, nausea, you name it. It’s horrible. Then in Nov of 2018 I lost my husband suddenly to a massive heart attack that took the love of my life from me in 2 hours. It’s been a rough road, but I’m making progress, it takes time. Everyone is different, it happens in your time. Crying is actually a good thing, it lets the stress, anxiety frustration, whatever, it lets it out rather then building inside.
    I hope you have family and friends that reach out to you and offer support, if they’re not calling you give them a call. I have a hard time with calling for support but I have done it and it helps. I know with this pandemic it’s hard to get the support we each need but a phone call is good support. Get out of your house and get some fresh air, it does a world of good. Do little things to help keep your mind busy, even if it’s taking a shower, or doing a few dishes.
    You know your Mom who you lost recently and your Dad who you lost a little while ago, both want you to be ok. They don’t want you to be suffering, they gave you life, and are watching over you and want you to work towards healing and to live a wonderful life.
    You’re wonderful memories will eventually make you smile.
    Hugs! Robin