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    Hello all i am new to this group and haven't been able to find the words until now after 2 failed marriages I had sworn off marriage. Then i met the most persistent loving caring woman i had ever met she honestly made me a better man. This was the woman i was supposed to grow old with. Well 12/12/17 my loving wife of 3 short beautiful years passed due to severe asthma turning to lung disease. Now i feel completely lost i dont know who i am any more without her i cant eat i rarely sleep and its just all i can do to get the hell out of bed. Anyway thanks for letting me share i cant seem to talk with people who "just dont get it " they say they do and are so sorry and im sure they are but i seem to get mad at even hearing it. MY emotions are all over the place and this is very new to me just not sure how to get back in control of myself. ill stop for now but if anyone wants to talk man i could use a friend
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    Hi wolf I'm sorry for your loss I lost my bf 4 months ago I understand how you feel I'm lost without him and don't know what to do without him now I miss him everyday I don't look at the future I take one day at a time that's all you can do
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    Lostbf, I couldn't agree more. While taking life one day at a time is good advice at any point in our lives, I think it may be the only option grievers really have. It's just so hard not to worry, or wonder. Everything seems so uncertain, and so out of our control. We have an article that we wrote about this that I hope could be a help to anyone on this thread. http://www.griefincommon.com/blog/what-to-do-if-you-dont-know-what-to-do-after-loss/.
    Thanks to everyone for being here and for sharing this journey with us.
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    UUGGG just paid the funeral home been a bad day but i decided i need to get out of of this house for a while so im going out of state to visit a long time best friend