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    Lost my son June 2016. It was sudden. He was fine that morning and that same afternoon, developed a blood clot. They did all they could do at the hospital but couldn't save him. He died that evening.
    It's been a year now, and I am not any better. I am, if anything, worse. There is no comfort. Exactly two months later on the day my husband suddenly died from a bleed in his brain. I don't pray anymore. I don't even know why I'm here. I really don't know why I joined this group, maybe to hear something other than nothing.
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  2. Hi. My name is Jenny and it has been 8 years for my youngest son who was killed in a four-wheeler accident at age 20 and it's been 3 years for my daughter who is deaf and died suddenly at age 32 it has been 8 years for my son and three to my daughter and it just like it was yesterday I'm just trying to figure out a way to get through each day and put one foot in front of the other because life is I knew it doesn't exist anymore
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    I don't think there is a way to figure out how to get thru the day. In my case I just exist. Someone said I was stronger than I thot. I told them not true, I have no choice.
    There is no happiness or joy
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  4. Just feels I have been dead inside I guess for 8 years time just keeps marking on. I don't understand how people can you know that my children are gone there's no color everything is in black and white anymore and I just I'm here because I don't know why but I am here the pain is just you can't you can't describe the pain to anybody except we know the pain feels like and I have to do it twice not just once. Maybe we can help each other just breathing
  5. Yeah I love that saying people think we are just such strong people. We're not strong we don't know how to live anymore we're dead inside.
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    The death of a child
    It's like losing your breath
    And never catching it again,
    It's a forever panic attack
    feeling your heart dying as
    your soul is screaming for them
    and no matter what you try to
    do you continue to lose your mind.
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  7. Describe very well. But I thought by now but maybe the pain with dull I do have times that I don't cry everyday cuz last 10 years starting the death of my son just got double the pain and nobody seems to understand me think I need to be over this by now I will never be over this I just can't believe
  8. Well well the information and probably have complicated grief and you probably do too which is grief process that stays in the acute phase a lot longer than anybody else would. I don't think I'll ever get out of it I don't know that I want to get out of it I don't want to feel better my life it's not good anymore my faith is shaken to the Core
  9. Thank you so much for letting me vent and you are a newer bereaved parent than I am it's the first time I've really talked to anybody about my feelings in 10 years