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    This song was inspired by happy Christmases Colleen and I had. There were lots of animals around and sometimes we had a tough time with money but we got through. Colleen had a little joke she would always say, “Joe, we’re poor but proud!”.

    I was playing a series of chords on the piano and the song basically wrote itself. It’s like Colleen wrote it with me.

    I hope people in this group like it. It’s all about what we went thru so people know. I want the song to speak for us.

    The vocals were done by Allegra Katz and I did the instrumentals and some singing.
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    Thank you for sharing, your song is beautiful and brought me to tears. I miss our beautiful days together doing everyday things as much as I miss those special christmases and all holidays. Beautiful tribute. I believe it’s been a while since you’ve been on GIC. Nice to see you Robin
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    Unfortunately the video is unavailable for me to view

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    This Christmas I found a 25 year old recording of an instrumental track of a song we wrote. My late wife, Colleen, played a beautiful flute solo at the beginning of the song. It moved me to write lyrics expressing how I felt now- that she was still a part of my life in a very real way. Brandon Phillips, a talented senior at Stuyvesant High School on NYC, added his voice and he did a wonderful job.

    I hope you like this song.

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    I absolutely love it! You have created a beautiful dedication, those words are exactly the words I repeat to myself over and over again, from the moment I wake up until the moment I eventually fall asleep at night. I find strength to go on from the fact that I will always feel my husband by my side wherever I am, whatever I'm doing. I find that expressing myself through music is a real mind-soother.
    Your wife played the flute beautifully in this piece, you both composed a great, emotional track together and the vocalist sings wonderfully.
    Thank you for this, I will add it to my Playlist and perhaps try it on my piano (very amateurily!) , when I need to do a little "emotional venting".
    Sending you strength.
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    Joe, thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute for your beautiful wife, Colleen. I was sincerely moved.
    Your intention of letting the vibe come through, the essence of the two of you, was accomplished. Bless all of our wounded hearts.
    ~ Michael
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