Death of my soulmate heroin overdose

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    Hi my name is Vicki on June 3rd l lost my soulmate love of my life of 10 yr relationship to an heroin overdose l came home from work and found him dead l had no idea that he was using heroin he hate heroin and everything it stood for or so he said but he lied about a lot of things l work 3rd shift and sleep during the day so l didn't know what he was doing when l was at work according to my neighbors he was having parties smoking crack and dealing drugs l feel so very stupid he hid it from me so good this was the sweet caring considerate man l met he had such a huge heart he save other people who overdosed on heroin made sure people who had no food he fed them he even made sure they had toilet paper before he let the drugs control his life we had so many good times we were supposed to grow old together l knew something was wrong but l don't do drugs and didn't know what l was looking for l just thought he was depressed before he passed he seemed fine when l would get home from work when asked what was wrong he always said l am fine right up to the text he sent me right before he died he texted me that he was ok and that he loved me and would talk to me later he just let himself go all the way down and let the drugs control every aspect of his life l feel like l enabled him and l should of see the signs people tell me it's not my fault and l know that he chose to use drugs l just wish he had told me and could of gotten help l know that there are others who have lost loved ones to this horrible addiction of drugs or alcohol that is why we are on this we to support one another my prayers are with all of you who have lost someone due to drugs or alcohol you are not a lone l know l am hurting its like my heart being ripped right of my chest may God give us all strength to get through our tragic losses
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    Vicki, I’m praying that God DOES give you & the rest of us strength to get through these tragic losses! I’m so sorry you are hurting.