Death of my daughter from opioid addiction

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    Alexis, You are not alone. 3 weeks ago today, I lost my boyfriend to an overdose. My heart is shattered in a million pieces, he is my soul mate, the one I truly loved, was in love with, who I was going to marry, have kids, start a life with...he was my support system, my everything, my whole world. There are good days and bad days...its still so early, so little time has passed, and yet it feels like a lifetime. Sometimes I think about how unfair it is, sometimes I am angry-even though I don't want to be angry with him. Right now, as I write this I am filled with peace-not easily achieved. Today was a bad day, I cried almost all day, nothing consoled me. No one tells you how physical this pain is, no one tells you the effect is has on your brain or your body. No one talks about how you can't change anything or move things in the house around. Its a nightmare, this pain. Its not something I wish on anyone. Losing a partner, someone you love so very dearly, this is not something anyone should have to endure. I have found some solace knowing he is a peace now and no longer suffering, but whats helped me the most is a more spiritual way of thinking-holding on to the fact that I will see him again, holding on to the fact that he is still here with me, that we are all energy and that its neither created or destroyed, so his energy is still here, his energy lives on within me, and surrounding me. I have also found solace in the idea of soul mates and twin flames, and that we will be together again in the next lifetime. Talking to others who have shared a similar experience to me is also helpful, however you Alexis are the first Significant other thats lost someone.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts, and sending whatever positive energy I have left to everyone.