Dad died in tragic accident.

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    On 8/6/22 my dad was taking his daily five mile walk. While taking his walk a driver was speeding and became distracted. She struck him on the passenger side of the jeep and he flew over the car. The coroner said he broke his neck and back immediately and died on impact. I live 3 hours north of him and can’t get the image of him getting hit, laying there etc. out of my head. It’s been almost 5 months and I feel like I haven’t improved at all. I miss him so much. How could something so tragic happen. I haven’t been able to speak to anybody who can relate at all. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hello zv2397, I am sorry about the sudden loss of your Dad. I lost my girlfriend Cheryl suddenly 20 months ago. I was Cheryl’s first responder followed by 4 EMTs, 4 firemen, and 2 nurses and a deputy. After a heroic effort Cheryl regained a pulse but would transition 2 days later. Like you I kept replaying the event. Make a collage of special memories of your Dad on your phone. When bad thoughts come look at the collage knowing your Dad’s last moments were just a fraction of the good times you had with him. I also made a shrine for Cheryl where I visit to feel her presence. I wish it was that easy to heal but it isn’t. I joined an in person grief support group immediately, started therapy, read books on grief and meditation, plus became active on this site, and became a hospice volunteer. I noticed a slight improvement around the 9 month mark. We must find someone who we trust where we can express our grief. Try to interact with others on this site. You don’t have to wait for someone to reach out for you. Gary
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    Hi zv2397,
    I understand how you feel. On 7/27/2023 I lost my oldest child due to a horrible auto accident. He had a contractor business and was hauling a dump truck load of gravel to one of his septic installation jobs. A woman never stopped at a cross road. The break marks on the road showed that my son went to the other side of the road to try to miss her. If she had put her breaks the accident may not have been so traumatic. She was in a pick up truck pulling a stock trailer. There were no break marks from her position. Anyway, my son’s dump truck broke off a electric pole, the truck went over on its side with the live wires laying on the top of his truck. His fuel tank had spilled. There was a horrific fire. There was nothing left of the cab of his truck but rubble and ash even though people who lived on that corner called immediately. His dad and I were on vacation. When we got the call, between us we drove 21 hours straight home. I have 4 other married, grown children and 17 grands that all live near. We all are grieving and supporting his wife, 3 children and each other. They did pull my sons charred body out. It was determined he was more than likely electrocuted prior to the fire, which I am thankful for. We all still can’t believe it’s true. The only peace I have about his loss is that he knew Jesus Christ as his Savior and immediately went to heaven. Our family is daily leaning on God to get us through. We will see him again one day♥️