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    Around 3am I was in a really bad car accident. I don't remember to much after 11am. I made it out of the car crash with some cuts and bruises but the driver didn't make it. I remember the sounds and smells and had his blood all over me. I don't understand how it why I made it out. I'm so confused and scared everyone will think it's my fault cause we were both drinking.
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    Klb2flute, life has a way making us wonder about life. Why things happen to some and perhaps us or others.

    Don't ever blame yourself, bad things happen once in awhile. When we look back on our life or another we tend to be our worst enemy. Just know, tomorrow will be the start of a new tomorrow. We can't change what has happened, but we can attempt to change ourselves.

    When I was stationed in Okinawa while in the US Army, we were out bowling, 5 of us, me and 4 coworkers. One of us, Ralph Davis was engaged to be married soon. We were having so much fun, and one thing I learned in the military we look out for each other, no matter whether good or bad.

    Someone all of the sudden came into the bowling alley and look around, noticed us and then approached us. You could see the distress on his face, as he looked at Ralph and told him Mary Jo had just been killed by a huge dump truck on her way back to base.

    Ralph collapsed, we all had tears in our eyes, and grabbed him, helped him up, hugged him and just let him cry. There were no words, just the moments we all shared as we walked with Ralph to the First Sergeants building, Top the first sergeant, took it from there. We just stood for awile, just were at a loss at how this could have happened.

    Ralph had a very hard time forward. At Torii Station, our base, there we were a cohesive unit. We were evenly split between males and females. Days were hard to describe after that, as we all watched out for Ralph, We all cried with him, had many hugs, words were at a loss.

    Klb2flute, I hope you will take this time in your life, to resolve that you have a lot of life to still live. Be honest with yourself and if you need help or someone to talk to, make sure you reach out. Lastly, please don't do anything foolish. Things happen in life, you just have to learn to live with it, put your best foot forward.

    Please take care of yourself. Please don't give up on life or yourself and take the time you now need to heal inside.


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