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    My sister passed away on the 30th of September. Police found her in her shower where she had been for 12-18 hours. She was my middle sister. We had a connection that I will never forget.. Her death was not a suicide. It is currently being investigated as a murder.

    Every single day since I've

    -thought about her.

    -Cried about her.

    -trying to figure out who did this too her.
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    So sorry to hear about your loss and the situation. I pray that you will get the answers that you desperately need on what happened.

    My sister passed away 6 mos ago from illness and I am still grieving but just trying to get through each day. I know it is very hard and you will continue to be in my prayers.
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    Thank you for your prayers! This whole situation has seriously devestated me. I can't believe this is even happening.. out of nowhere.. she always told me she felt like I'd be the first to die because I'm afraid of everyone dying.. ugh it's just heartbreaking.. I'm sorry for your loss as well! Thank you for reaching out.
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    I can't imagine getting a phone call saying my wife was gone. I had the "benefit" of being at her side when she passed from severe sepsis. My loss was just over two months ago and I can tell you it has affected me more than anything else in my life. I can't believe how strong you are to discover your sister was not only gone but potentially murdered. I'm told that things will get better. I'm not at a point where I can see that yet but people like you give me hope that it will get better.
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    Quite honestly.. I do not know if things ever become "normal" or "okay" ever again.. but I do know.. if it weren't for my kids and my nieces.. I honestly don't know where I would be right now..

    And.. If my sister didn't give me signs and open my eyes to things I never knew I could do.. I don't think I would be as.. whatever it is I am right now..

    My sister has been by my side and has even helped me put pieces of her story together and now the police are talking about turning her murder into a criminal case..

    Every time I go to my parents house, where we grew up and where her daughters now live, I get certain feelings. So, when I feel drawn to certain items of hers or a certain area of the house I go check it out.


    1. On Xmas last year, I had stopped and bought a soda before going to my parents house.

    I had a quarter and a dime left as change.

    I dropped the change as we went into the house and I picked it up.. later on I had the biggest urge to go through the closet in my old room.

    I find a bunch of my sis old stuff. Including a special wallet that she loved. I opened it. And found a dime tucked away in the very back change compartment.
    I smiled because ever since we went through her house we have all found dimes.

    I then find a purse that she had not used in over 15 years!!! I tipped it over and the ONLY thing that fell out was some ink pens and A SINGLE DIME followed by A QUARTER!

    It took me a minute to realize wtf had just happened.. but my heart was so excited yet broken to get such a huge sign from her.. I had a dime and quarter in my pocket.. and she basically threw the exact same things at me. Lol!

    She is ALWAYS making herself known to me but.. still, I feel lost without her physical presence..

    I don't know if I'm "okay" or if I'm even more bat shit crazy.. but damn.. things like that.. let me know she is still and always will be with me!!