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    I lost both my parents in 2019, 8 weeks and 4 days apart from each other. My mom started to get sick around 2011. She found out she had a brain anarizum. She fought through that with brain surgery. Not even a year to the date of finding that out she found put she had a rare case of aggressive breast cancer. She had to go through chemo and then had her breast surgery. She fought and won. She had side effects from the chemo. She had lempyhdempa in her left arm, and neuropathy in her legs and hands. This never went away.In 2013 she had to get her gallbladder taken out. If this wasn't enough already, her cancer had came back again, and it traveled to her lungs with a small spot. This was treated with radiation, and eventually the small spot went away. 2018 after inked my first son she was once again diagnosed with breast cancer for the 3rd time. She ended up taking the chemo pill that you take once a month and that flared up her breathing problems and kept going in and out of the hospital. Over the years she had developed COPD and this was stopping her breathing after the chemo. 2019 she had spent 13 or 14 trips to the hospital. In May 2019, I got a phone call from my Dad to fly home and that she was being brought home for hospice and given a week to live. Over the course of the week my moms body kept getting weaker. Unfortunately May 21st, 2019 my mom took her last breathe.
    During all of the sicknesses with my mom, my dad was her caregiver and needed to take care of himself as well. He was taking care of my Grandmother ( his mom) who also passed away in February 2019. The morning before my mom passed away my dad was having chest pains. Since I was in town I made him go to the ER. He ended up having a heart attack and 3 of his main arteries were clogged. He had to miss my moms funeral from having triple bi pass surgery. The surgery went well and the doctor said he would heal nicely. This was the time my sister and I were scared of losing both of our parents. My Dad was healing and doing too much and having the heart ache from losing both my grandmother and mom. I had talked to my dad July 22 and July 23rd about the baby's first birthday coming up and everything was fine and he was doing great ( from what he had told me). Friday had came and I was at work and the phone rang. My sister had asked me where I was and that I needed to sit down. She told me she found Dad on the ground and he had died.
    My heart jumped and I screamed and I will never get both phone calls out of my head. Both my parents have died in 2019 2 months and 4 days apart from each other
    Not only did I lose the 2 most important people in my life, I had complications with a pregnancy and had to make a decision and ended up losing the baby.
    A month after this happened is when we lost my grandmother. Each month brought so much pain and sorrow.
    This has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life and I dont know how to go about them passing. I have been working, and taking care of the baby and being the best person I can be, but these losses have put a hole in my heart. I am on leave from work to heal. I hoping this group will help me.